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Entitlement Management - Complete Guide

Discover the importance and best practices of software entitlement management in LicenseSpring's comprehensive blog post. Enhance your understanding of entitlements.

by Edmon Moren
January 21, 2023
5 minutes
[SOLVED] What Is a Company That Allows You to License Software?

Explore the role of companies that facilitate software licensing in LicenseSpring's informative glossary entry. Learn about their services and benefits.

by Edmon Moren
January 21, 2023
5 - Minutes
The Subscription Business Model For Software [GUIDE]

Discover the ins and outs of the subscription business model for software in LicenseSpring's comprehensive guide. Learn its advantages and implementation strategies.

by Edmon Moren
August 29, 2022
3 - Min
What is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) - Guide

Explore LicenseSpring's glossary entry on Independent Software Vendor (ISV). Gain insights into their definition, role, and significance in the software industry.

by Edmon Moren
August 22, 2022
5 Minutes
What are Perpetual Licenses? - [Glossary]

Explore LicenseSpring's glossary entry on perpetual licenses. Gain insights into their definition, benefits, and considerations in software licensing.

by Edmon Moren
August 16, 2022
10 minutes
Understanding Software License Management: A Guide for Software Vendors

Explore the advantages and implementation of cloud-based software license management in LicenseSpring's comprehensive guide. Optimize your license tracking and distribution.

by Edmon Moren
August 10, 2022