LicenseSpring Management API now available for Back Office Integrations!

Published on: July 21, 2020
LicenseSpring API
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As we continue improving our cloud licensing platform, one of the most common feature requests we have been receiving from our paying customers is the ability to programmatically manage license entitlements. Although we provided several integrations with 3rd party vendors, there were simply too many different scenarios that our customers wanted to control license generation and dynamic license entitlement. For our clients who handle their customers in a sophisticated process, involving several departments (sales, product management, accounting etc), our platform was simply lacking the ability to keep up with their requirements.

Today, we are announcing a new Management API, enabling software vendors on our standard and enterprise tiers to connect their LicenseSpring data with their internal systems, such as a CRM or accounting system. The API allows for almost all operations that are currently available on the existing platform, such as issuing new licenses and adding entitlements to it, changing the number of activations, resetting or disabling/enabling a license etc.

The new API has separate API keys, which can be reset and revoked. The base url is separate from the License API, enhancing security.

Management API Key Location

API Keys used to authenticate requests is found on the LicenseSpring platform under settings > keys

We are currently writing guides for using the management API, and will be updating the documentation in the upcoming weeks. If you are a software vendor using LicenseSpring and have a specific operation you would like to perform please submit a support ticket from within your account and we will include it in our editorial.

For more information on LicenseSpring’s Management API, please visit our documentation page.

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