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Building an in-house licensing server is time consuming, expensive to maintain, and is not the reason people love your software. From the reliability, the functionality, and the pricing, LicenseSpring was built with Small software vendors in mind to remove the headaches from operating a homegrown license server.

Reduce Development time:

  • No need to set up your own license server
  • Add a trial mode with just a few method calls to our SDK
  • Offline license check fall-back part of our standard solution
  • Generate and dispatch licenses dynamically through your favorite E-commerce platform
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Cross-platform development:

We offer several SDKs which are designed to be used in projects which run on multiple environments, including the latest builds from .NET standard, multiple C++ binaries, as well as Swift-Objective-C. You may also use our web hooks to activate and check a license from any environment.

Android logoLicense your Android App
Apple logoEmbed in iOS projects
Cpp logoC++ SDKs available
Linux logoLicense Linux applications
Swift logoLicense projects written in Swift
Windows logoUse our .NET SDK for Windows applications
Java logoLicense Java Applications

Flexible Licensing Models:

You need a licensing solution that is flexible enough to enforce the software agreement that makes the most sense for your organization. LicenseSpring allows you to configure your software to work as described in your license agreement:

  • Activate, deactivate, and edit the entitlements for any newly issued or existing licenses
  • Set how many machines can share a license, and track license usage through our online platform
  • Implement any license model, from the most straightforward, to the most sophisticated licensing models:
Trial / Perpetual icon

Trial / Perpetual

Issue licenses to work indefinitely, and set the duration of the trial period
Time-Limited icon


Issue licenses that are valid for a set period of time, using either an expiry date, or days remaining model
Floating icon


Deploy a license management server, or use the LicenseSpring cloud to configure concurrent usage of your software
Node-Locked icon


Lock a license to a set number of machines by setting max activations, possible due to our device fingerprinting technology
Subscription icon


Synchronize the validity of your license with the subscription period of your billing cycle
Consumption icon


License according to a pay-per-use model, which can be cyclically reset
User-Based icon


You have the option to either issue license keys, or set usernames and passwords for your licenses

3rd party integration

Dispatch licenses immediately when an order is received from your e-commerce platform, and share license information and states with other 3rd party services.

Grow your software business by adding a robust, flexible licensing system to the applications you distribute to your end-users, trusted by hundreds of organizations.