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20 Minutes
Protecting Java Applications Using LicenseSpring

Discover LicenseSpring's comprehensive guide on protecting Java applications. Learn strategies and best practices for enhancing the security of your Java software.

User-Based License Distribution
10 Minutes
Efficient Software Distribution: Maximizing Reach and Delivery

Explore software distribution: parties involved, optimizing delivery, copy protection, and security. Learn how to benefit developers and end-users.

10 Minutes
5 Pillars of Software Monetization [GUIDE]

Learn about the 5 pillars to effective software monetization

by Edmon Moren
March 24, 2024
LicenseSpring Perpetual License Banner
7 Minutes
Everything you wanted to know about Perpetual licenses [GUIDE]

Learn why perpetual licenses are still relevant today in the world of Software Licensing. Compare and contrast perpetual licenses with subscriptions.

by Edmon Moren
December 26, 2023
Tutorial on how to connect the ESP32 over https to communicate with a Database
10 minutes
Project: Licensing a Deployment of the ESP32 Board

Control low-power Systems on a chip (SoC) microcontrollers using LicenseSpring. We created a proof of concept demonistrating how to securely connect to the LicenseSpring service using the ESP32, achieving a software node-lock to this low-powered device

by Teo Terzic
December 7, 2023
Node-Locking Illustration
10 Minutes
One-Time Password (OTP)

Boost security with One-Time Passwords (OTP) - phishing-resistant, multi-factor authentication for safer transactions. Discover OTP Service Providers.

by Kyle Brandon
July 17, 2023
LicenseSpring Guide
10 Min
Computer IDs: The Complete Guide

Discover a complete guide about computer IDs on LicenseSpring's blog. Understand how computer IDs are used in software licensing and tracking.

by Kyle Brandon
April 10, 2023
LicenseSpring Guide
The Definitive Guide to Software Bill of Materials

Delve into LicenseSpring's comprehensive guide on Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). Learn its significance, benefits, and implementation in software development.

by Kyle Brandon
March 28, 2023