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Published on: August 14, 2020
LicenseSpring Floating License
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Many software applications are intended to run on machines that are part of a local network or site. These devices may not have connections to the internet, while the license agreement limits the number of concurrent instances of the application at runtime. The implementation of this scenario typically entails the software vendor configuring a license server on the network, which provides the ability to check in and check out software licenses. This can be a tedious process to configure depending on the type of servers running on the private network on the end-user’s premise.

LicenseSpring Floating Server Diagram

LicenseSpring offers private network floating license servers to easily provide concurrent license enforcement on sites with limited or no access to the internet

We have recently published a Docker container which allows for a quick and simple implementation of a floating license server on a network. Since our floating license server for private networks was published as a Docker container, it is platform agnostic, and will run on Windows and Linux servers alike.

Floating license servers is a solution we developed and is included as LicenseSpring’s Enterprise tier.

The network admin at the site is able to issue a floating license to a machine on the network, disable and blacklist devices. The software vendor is able to configure the number of concurrent instances of the software application, as well as the total number of computers that can activate the license.

How to implement the on premise floating license server?

  1. First, the application needs to be configured on the LicenseSpring Platform. This includes configuring the license timeout (how long the license has to recheck the license from the server until it is automatically released).
  2. Pull the Container from the Docker hub, and follow the provided instructions to install the server. A Link to the License Server container can be found here.
  3. Issue a license for the floating license server. You will configure the maximum number of concurrent uses of the client application, as well as maximum applications that can run the client application at the same time. Enter the license into the server.

Please find more information on our floating license server in our docs.

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