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LicenseSpring SDK Collection

Explore our range of diverse SDKs designed for cloud, desktop, mobile, and cross-platform development. Choose the ideal match for your application, considering popularity and update frequency. From versatile deployment options to simplified license management, our SDKs empower you with the tools to enhance security, control access, and optimize software distribution.

Regularly Updated and Maintained SDKs


LicenseSpring's .NET SDK is our most widely used software development kit. Designed to integrate licensing and software protection capabilities into your applications, this SDK empowers developers with a comprehensive toolkit compatible across various .NET versions and platforms.

Documentation and Code Samples

Whether you’re developing in Console, WinForm, VB.Net, VBA, or Xamarin.Forms applications for Android and iOS, our SDK equips you withDoxygen documentation and code snippets to guide your integration process.

Supported .NET Versions and Platforms

The LicenseSpring .NET SDK spans across .NET versions 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 4.5.1, 4.5.2, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.7.2, and 4.8. 

It also extends its reach to encompass .NET Standard 2.0, Xamarin.Forms, and the advanced .NET 6 platform, accommodating a variety of projects across different stages of technology evolution.


LicenseSpring's C++ SDK offers secure software deployment across various platforms. The SDK's adaptability spans multiple operating systems, ensuring effective protection for your applications.

Documentation and Code Samples

To facilitate smooth integration, LicenseSpring's C++ SDK comes with comprehensive Doxygen documentation. For practical application, code samples in C++ and C are included. These samples furnish foundational examples for implementing licensing using the SDK, streamlining the incorporation of robust licensing mechanisms into your software products.

Supported Environments

LicenseSpring's C++ SDK seamlessly operates on Windows, from Windows 7 onwards. The SDK is built with compatibility in mind, with different SDK builds for different versions of Visual Studio.

For MacOS, LicenseSpring extends support to x86_64 and ARM architectures. Universal binaries encapsulating both architectures are also available. The SDK is constructed using MacOSX10.12.sdk.

LicenseSpring's Linux offerings cater to diverse environments, providing builds for various architectures, including X86_64, ARM, AArch64.


LicenseSpring's Java SDK empowers developers with a comprehensive toolkit for integrating robust licensing and software protection features. With compatibility in mind, the SDK supports a minimum Java version of 8.161, ensuring a wide range of applicability across modern Java environments.

Javadoc Documentation

To guide developers through the integration process, LicenseSpring offers detailed Javadoc documentation for each module within the Java SDK.


LicenseSpring's Python SDK offers a user-friendly gateway to robust software protection. Designed to seamlessly blend with your development workflow, the SDK supports Python versions >=3.7 and <4.0, ensuring compatibility with modern Python environments.

Documentation and Code Snippets

Within the LicenseSpring Python documentation, you'll find concise yet insightful code snippets. These code snippets serve as invaluable resources, showcasing the implementation of licensing features using the SDK.


LicenseSpring’s Swift SDK serves as a streamlined interface for the LicenseSpring REST API, enhancing its capabilities by enabling convenient access and manipulation of licenses. As a powerful software licensing API, LicenseSpring empowers vendors to tailor entitlements for their software applications in alignment with their specific license agreements.

Documentation and Sample Application

LicenseSpring provides Swift documentation and a sample application, equipping developers with the knowledge needed to seamlessly integrate the LicenseSpring framework into their projects. 

Specialized SDKs

LicenseSpring's specialized SDKs are designed to provide stable and reliable solutions for specific licensing scenarios. These SDKs receive less frequent updates, as our primary focus remains on regularly updated and well-maintained SDKs.


LicenseSpring's Go SDK serves as a reliable companion for enhancing software security. Offering an approach to incorporating licensing and protection features, the SDK supports the Go programming language, enabling developers to protect their applications.


LicenseSpring's Delphi libraries and .NET SDK assembly provide a solution for integrating powerful licensing and software protection features into your applications. Tailored to work simply with Delphi environments, this integration ensures the security of your software products.