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Published on: June 4, 2018
LicenseSpring FastSpring
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We’ve been hard at work trying to bring the power and security of enterprise-class licensing to software developers starting at everyone’s favorite price – free! Say hi to LicenseSpring.

What is LicenseSpring?

LicenseSpring is a cloud-based license key management platform that equips software developers and publishers with the flexibility needed to maximize revenue and user retention. It is fully integrated with FastSpring, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for software publishers.

You can choose from a myriad of licensing options already available. If you still don’t find what you need, contact us and we’ll work together to create a custom licensing model that is tailored to your business and software.

Free? Really?

Yes. LicenseSpring’s Starter Tier is designed for indie or up-and-coming software developers with relatively tiny budgets and is, completely free! Check out our pricing table and pick the licensing model that you like best here.


The LicenseSpring SDK is available for both Microsoft Windows and MacOS. Click here to access the LicenseSpring documentation and get started right away.

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