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Published on: March 3, 2020
LicenseSpring Delphi
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Due to popular demand from the Delphi community, we are excited to announce an initial release of our licensing SDK for Delphi. This SDK acts as an interface between software applications built in Delphi, and LicenseSpring’s cloud-based software licensing service.

Now the Delphi developer community has a powerful and cost-effective cloud-based solution to add a software licensing mechanism to their applications. LicenseSpring is used to create licenses and assign them to machines or users, activate them, and check their validity.

LicenseSpring allows Delphi application developers to enforce the most common licensing models within their software, such as perpetual, time-limited, subscription, and consumption-based licensing. Delphi developers can also license specific modules within their application through LicenseSpring’s features licensing capabilities.

The Delphi SDK is publicly available for download from the LicenseSpring documentation, which can be found here

LicenseSpring has the ability to node-lock a license to a computer. The SDK collects a unique device fingerprint which serves as a hardwareID. When a license is activated, or when the license validity and status is checked against the records stored on the database, the hardwareID is used to prevent unauthorized software usage.

To give feedback on the SDK, or to open a free trial account and evaluate our licensing solution, please contact us

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