About Us: LicenseSpring

Our goal is to be the best Software Licensing Service in the world. To us, this means offering a secure, reliable service, easy to use and sufficiently flexible to integrate within our customers’ existing systems.

Edmon Moren

CEO, Cense Data Inc. DBA LicenseSpring

Our Story

Our platform changelog provides a detailed picture of how the LicenseSpring service grew and evolved over time. Our development roadmap has always been focused on delivering what our customers requested.

The Start

Our sister company, PDF Pro Software Inc was in need of a License Manager to provision, manage, and automate thousands of software licenses issued daily. After performing a thorough analysis of as many vendors we could find, we concluded that the smaller players lacked the sophistication necessary to meet our specific requirements, while the larger vendors proved cumbersome to use, while their pricing felt unjustifiably high. As a result, we sought a more suitable solution that struck the right balance between sophistication, usability, and fair pricing. We decided to build our own license server for our own needs.

Initial Public Release

mplementing our license server within the PDF Pro Application was a solid success, and made the service available to the world for free in order to collect feedback, and feedback there was! hundreds of solo developers and hobbyists jumped in and provided mountains of valuable feedback that we used to improve LicenseSpring.

Open for Business

The first externally paying customers started to flow in, and were primarily using LicenseSpring as a means of issuing time limited and node locked Borderlicenses for desktop applications that handled a high volume of licenses, with offline license checks. SDKs targetting C++, C#, and Java systems were made available to make it as easy as possible to add Licensing within our customer’s applications.

Serving more Customers

We extended our service’s capabilities to cater to a diverse range of customer requirements across various industries. We released Feature-based licensing, consumption-based licensing, custom fields, floating licensing, and single-sign-on support. Our clientele now spans across Life Sciences, Critical Infrastructure, Aerospace, VR/AR, Manufacturing, and more, enabling us to serve a broader spectrum of needs and industries.

Present and Beyond

We are currently hard at work maintaining and improving the LicenseSpring service, with an ever growing engineering team. This includes adding more functionality to our API, extending our portals, adding more native integrations, always emphasizing our security and compliance.

What Makes LicenseSpring Different

There are two aspects that sets us apart:


Our attention to acting on product quality:

We strive to make LicenseSpring easy to configure and use, robust, flexible, intended to be used by different roles within a company and their customers.


Priced by value provided, not per licensed revenue:

We want to provide organizations of most shapes and sizes a means to deliver and to license their software and hardware based products. We are not owned by private equity, and do not charge based on licensed revenue. Most of our customers find our cost will be a fraction of other vendors, with a superior product.

LicenseSpring® Is Brought to You By:

There are two primary companies involved in the development and the commercialization of the LicenseSpring service:

Cense Data Inc DBA LicenseSpring

Markets, sells, provides support for LicenseSpring..

Vancouver Office:

Bentall 2, floor 15, 555 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V7X 1M8

D-U-N-S number: 243161611

Managing Director: Edmon Moren

Kraken Systems ltd

is the primary developer and maintainer of the LicenseSpring product and Infrastructure.

It has received ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certification

Zagreb Office:

Zagrebacka avenija 104d 10000 Zagreb Croatia

Managing Director: Dejan Strbad

Managing Director: Marin Bek

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