Air-Gapped License Validation Now Available

Published on: September 5, 2022
Last updated: July 6, 2023
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We've have many customers ask for a way to node-lock licenses to devices that run in dark sites: networks not only without access to the internet, but where files are not allowed to leave the site. For this use-case, We are pleased to introduce our Air-gapped Licensing Activation mechanism! Our Air-gapped licensing process is cryptographically secure, so it cannot be "cracked" by any brute force techniques.

How air-gapped licensing works in simple terms:

  • The Vendor creates license policy files specifically marked as air-gapped license policies. You package them with the applications you distribute.
  • The Vendor issues a license key to authorize a specific license for a given device, which the end user enters on that specific device
  • The End user generates an initialization code from our air-gapped portal, which they enter into the application, along with their license key
  • Finally, the end user retrieves a confirmation code from our portal by entering an activation code and their hardwareID. Once they enter it, the binding process is complete!

We even included a sample application with our SDKs to make it easy to learn how to implement it in your application, which looks like this:

Process of Node-locking a software license on a device that does not have access to the internet, and that cannot have files leaving the network

This works for for license policies such as perpetual, time-limited, and features licensing.

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