Free License Management For Software Applications

With our enterprise-class, cloud-based licensing platform, we bring simplicity to configuring software states.

Manage trials, maintenance periods, and upgrades for Windows and Mac applications. Plans start at $0!

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A License Management solution that maximizes revenue and enhances customer satisfaction

We give you the flexibility needed to manage licensing and updates on your terms.

Validity Period

One size doesn’t fit all and neither does one license. Set either time-based or perpetual validity periods depending on your requirements.

Maintenance Period

Control the duration of premium support and new releases easily to optimize long-term customer lifetime value.

Upgrades / versioning

Grant your users access to latest versions of your application based on their eligibility, which is set according to their license activation date.

Choose from a Variety of Licensing Models


Select from time-limited, feature-limited, or even custom-behavior type software trial licenses to give potential customers a taste of what you offer.


Choose from standard single or multi-user licenses if you’re looking to keep things simple.


Control the number of users that can use your application at the same time.


Set customer licenses to renew automatically as per your terms of sale, thanks to LicenseSpring’s close integration with FastSpring.

Node / User Locked

Restrict where your software can run and control who is allowed to use it with this type of license.

Custom / Enterprise

On the lookout for something a tad more complex? Contact us and we’ll create a licensing model better suited to your needs.

Seamless E-Commerce Integration

Generate and dispatch license keys immediately when an order is placed from your favorite e-commerce platform.

  • Fully integrated and ready to deploy on Fastspring, AvanGate, WooCommerce, CleverBridge, and more.
  • Fully documented end-point APIs to integrate with any E-commerce platform and payment processor.
  • Real-time licensing entitlement updates based on e-commerce notifications. Whether a customer is purchasing for the first time, renewing a subscription, or cancelling an order, LicenseSpring handles license states automatically.

Fast, Easy Deployment

Breeze through the process of setting up, testing, and deploying enterprise-class licensing into your applications.


Avoid the hassle of setting up and managing your own servers. LicenseSpring’s cloud-based nature ensures that any updates to your software are rolled out to users automatically.


Thoroughly test your configuration in a sandbox mode to confirm that your licensing is ready before releasing it to your customers.

Easy Integration

Thanks to LicenseSpring’s integration with your favorite E-commerce platform, you can easily configure our licensing solution in minutes.

Easy Migration

Our technical support team can migrate all your existing users onto the LicenseSpring platform to ensure a seamless transition.

Dynamic Build Delivery

Your users get access to the latest version of your software that they qualify for – from a common installer to avoid complications and confusion.

Simplify Customer Support Tasks

Did you know? License key management is one of the most common categories of customer support requests. Your customer support team will love the flexibility and ease-of-use offered by the LicenseSpring platform.

  • Renewals, purchases, and license key deactivations are handled automatically – without any manual intervention.
  • Real-time updating of licensing entitlements on the LicenseSpring platform ensures that your support reps always have the information they need to handle any queries or issues related to licenses.

Easy for your customers to use, highly secure

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