License Your Applications Built Using the .NET Framework

  • Easily control the state of your application according to your licenses
  • Easily issue many different types of licenses with the same API
  • Regularly maintained, via nuGet

What Is LicenseSpring and How Is It Used for Applications Written in .NET/C#?

LicenseSpring is a software licensing service that enforces licensing agreements between developers and their customers. We handle the license enforcement through our own licensing server, so developers only need to focus on configuring their license through the LicenseSpring platform and incorporating our easy-to-use SDK into their C# applications. The C# SDK offers full access to our licensing features including:

  • Offline Licensing: For .NET/C# applications that run without internet connection, our SDK offers tools to activate, deactivate, and check your license validity all offline.
  • Features: Features allow you to limit certain capabilities within your .NET application based on your license configuration. On your license, you can set up an activation feature, which will grant access to the feature when added to your license, or a consumption feature, which will monitor how many times a feature is used and limit access to that feature a set amount of times.
  • Custom Fields: Data being sent from the LicenseSpring platform to individual devices at the license level.
  • Validity Periods: Licenses for applications written in C# can have validity periods set. After the validity period expires, the license is no longer valid.
  • Usage Metering: Consumption-Licensing refers to a license model which allows a software vendor to implement a pay-per-use, or a metered model to their end users, akin to "credits" in an arcade game, processing cycles in a CGI rendering farm, or the generation of a number of reports.
  • Concurrency: The .NET SDK offers floating license capabilities that allow you to monitor and restrict how many concurrent users are on a license at a given time.

Frameworks Supported:

The C# SDKs are general purpose, cross-platform compatible, compiled and maintained for a broad set of operating systems and frameworks, and include code samples to make it easy to get up and running. For information on supported versions, see our .NET SDK documentation.

  • WinForm
  • Xamarin
  • VBA, and VB.NET
  • DotNet Core
  • DotNet 6
  • Unity
  • Mono
  • Console Sample

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Should I Use LicenseSpring to Manage My Licenses?

  • No License Server to Configure: Except for advanced implementations, there is no license server to configure. Our cloud-first solution reduces complexity to enforce your license agreements, and frees up your engineers to focus on more value added software development rather than spending time setting up and maintaining a license server.
  • Accelerate your Time to Market: Distribute your applications faster. We provide a sample app as well as code samples with all of our SDKs so that your development team quickly understands how and when it is appropriate to perform any of the common method calls, such as activating or checking the status of an issued license. You then use the resulting server response to configure your app’s behaviour accordingly.
  • Reduce your costs of software licensing: Unlike market incumbents like Revenera or Gemalto, we do not feel entitled to dip into your revenue streams. We are priced competitively, based on usage, not a percentage of your licensed revenue.

Will Connecting My .NET Application to Your Licensing Service Be Difficult?

  • No. All server related issues are handled on our end, the developer simply needs to worry about adding the SDK into their project. The SDK is built to be easy to understand and incorporate into a project. Documentation for the C# SDK is readily available, and any questions can be directed to our support team here.

Can You Compile the .NET SDK for a Different Toolchain?

  • All the .NET SDK can be run on Windows. The .NET SDK can also be run on MacOS and Linux through Mono, and it is also available on Android and iOS through Xamarin.

Do You Provide Copy Protection?

  • LicenseSpring does not offer copy protection. The C# SDK handles server response and configures the state of the application according to how the vendor has implemented the licensing.

Can License Sharing Be Prevented?

  • Yes. Our SDK will detect when a hardware device does not match the device it was licensed for and will cause the device to fail a license check. This means trying to run an application, with a license activated on a different device will fail.

How Secure Is Your System?

  • The C# SDK provides a default cryptographic service provider which software vendors use to protect users data. For more information about LicenseSpring’s C# SDK security features see our security implementation tutorial.