LicenseSpring provides an easy-to-use APIs allowing you to generate and dispatch licenses for your products, and enforce your entitlements by activating, deactivating, and checking the status of a license.

  • LicenseSpring is cloud-based: you don’t have to set up your own licensing server
  • Focus on developing your software applications
  • Implement and enforce any software licensing model
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Available Web hooks:

  • Create and Issue Licenses
  • Activate / Deactivate Licenses
  • Check Status of a License
  • Edit existing license entitlements
  • Build your own offline activation portal


How do I get started using your Software Licensing APIs?

It’s easy and you can get set up in minutes. Simply fill out our contact form requesting an account. Within your account you need to add the products or services you wish to license. You will then be given API credentials to start working with our Web hooks.

Can I use LicenseSpring within an app sold on Apple’s App Store?

Our Swift / Objective-C SDK allows developers to implement LicenseSpring within an iOS app. However, Apple’s developer terms require that in-app purchases use their own In-App Purchase API, so unfortunately, the developers cannot use LicenseSpring to license as the main mechanism for licensing entire apps without breaking Apple’s Developer TOS. However, LicenseSpring can be used as a secondary licensing system, provided that such purchases are being made via a website, not directly through the app.

Can LicenseSpring be used within an app distributed on the Google Play Store?

We offer a C++ SDK which has been compiled for Android, so LicenseSpring can be added into an android application. If you are distributing your application outside Google Play Store, you won’t face any issues using LicenseSpring to manage usage rights of your app. However, Google's developer policy requires that in-app purchases, such as premium features and add-ons are managed via their native In-App Billing API. It is possible to use LicenseSpring as a secondary licensing service provided that the purchases and dispatching of the licenses are made on a website, outside of the application.

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