Software Licensing API to control the state of your application according to your license agreements

Software Licensing API for Developers

Software License API for Independent Software Vendors

There are many benefits to using LicenseSpring’s Software Licensing API:

  • Reduce development overhead: Focus on core development instead of extending a license server.
  • Reliable:  We exceed our 99.9%, guaranteed by our Service Level Agreement.
  • Economical: We are priced per use, not per licensed revenue.

Easily Control the State of your Software According to your License Agreements

If you’re distributing commercial software, you need a license manager that is always available, easy to use, and powerful enough to integrate with your existing systems. LicenseSpring provides 2 APIs:

The License API

The primary interface that the applications you distribute use to communicate with the LicenseSpring service, to perform tasks such as license activations, validations, or send license usage information

  • Strong Encryption: Communication between the client and the server uses modern encryption to sign and verify requests between the server and the client, which can help protect against Man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Comprehensive Client - Server Interface: Activate, deactivate, send usage data, retrieve license information all on the licensed device
  • Robust and General Purpose Software Licensing API: We provide code samples in all major interpreted programming languages such as JavaScript and Python. We also maintain SDKs, which are build on top of the License API, making it easy to interface between your software application and the LicenseSpring service in compiled languages like C++, .NET and Java.

Some of the License API’s Available Web Hooks include:

  • Activate / Deactivate Licenses
  • Check for license entitlement updates
  • Retrieve a trial license
  • Retrieve product application details
  • Authenticate Licensed User via Single-Sign-On

Read the Docs on the License API

Explore LicenseSpring’s SDKs

The Management API

We created a separate API for all of your back-office operations. You can use LicenseSpring’s Management API to push data into your own data warehouses, create licenses through your CRM or e-commerce portals, or read and write information on your licenses.

  • Issue / Revoke Licenses programmatically: Use the management API to issue new licenses or edit them through an external source of truth, such as SalesForce, or a Recurring Billing System
  • Export Data to internal systems: Useful for Data Analysts, Sales Teams, or Product Marketing, you can retrieve most relevant information using the management API, including the License, Order, Customer, product and device information. 
  • Control API access and permissions: You can create as many access keys as needed and add labels to them, as well as set them to read-only. These keys can be disabled or deleted as any time.

Explore the Management API

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Software Licensing API?

A software license is a document that provides legally binding guidelines for the use and distribution of software. Software licenses typically provide end users with the right to one or more copies of the software without violating copyrights. An API is a software intermediary used by businesses to promote and increase the adoption of their products or services with other businesses.

Why Don’t I Write My Own License Server Instead?

Setting up your own license server will be difficult enough, but you will also have to create an API within your program to connect to the server, and you will have to maintain that server. With LicenseSpring, you won’t have to worry about any of that. As a developer, you can focus on your application and leave the licensing to us.

How Do I Get Started Using Your Software Licensing Apis?

It’s easy and you can get set up in minutes. Simply fill out our contact form requesting an account. Once approved, you will gain access to the vendor platform, where you can configure products, issue licenses, and retrieve license keys for both the License and the Management API

When Using the License or the Management API, Is the Communication Between the Client and the Server Secure?

Communication between the end-user and the server is encrypted using the algorithm specified by the vendor ensuring that it will not be leaked. More information about communication security can be found in our Security Considerations tutorial.

Are There Any Ports That I Should Whitelist?

  1. To use the License API, `` on port `443` should be open
  2. To use the management API, `` on port `443` should be whitelisted

We can also white label the base URL to your own subdomain upon request.

Can the License API Be White Labeled?

Yes. We have tools within our SDKs that allow you to white label your API calls.

How Reliable Is LicenseSpring’s Software Licensing API?

LicenseSpring servers have an uptime of 99.9% guaranteed by our Service Level Agreement.