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Project: Licensing a Deployment of the ESP32 Board

Control low-power Systems on a chip (SoC) microcontrollers using LicenseSpring. We created a proof of concept demonistrating how to securely connect to the LicenseSpring service using the ESP32, achieving a software node-lock to this low-powered device

by Teo Terzic
December 7, 2023
Entitlement Management - Complete Guide

Discover the importance and best practices of software entitlement management in LicenseSpring's comprehensive blog post. Enhance your understanding of entitlements.

by Edmon Moren
January 21, 2023
LicenseSpring Alternatives

Explore alternatives to LicenseSpring for software licensing in LicenseSpring's blog post. Discover other licensing solutions and their features.

by Edmon Moren
August 8, 2022