We compiled a New Linux SDK, and now support Consumption-based Software License Entitlements!

Published on: May 13, 2019
LicenseSpring Linux
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Our development team at LicenseSpring has been hard at work to bring expand our software license management capability. Today we wanted to announce the expansion of the licensing models that we support, as well as the environments which can run our licensing solution:

New SDK: C++ for Linux

You asked for it, and we delivered. Our developers just put the finishing touches on a new software licensing SDK for C++ programs that are designed to run on Linux-based environments. That’s right, all of the functionality from our Windows-based SDKs have been rewritten to work on Linux environments. There were quite a few changes required in order to get this SDK to run with the same feature list as their Windows-based counterpart, such as how the HardwareID is computed. The latest version of our Software Licensing solution compatible with Linux is 4.3.0, meaning that it supports the new consumption-based licensing model, more on that later.

Updated SDKs for Windows:

We have made many improvements to our existing SDKs which improve stability, and expand the environments in which they can be used in.

  • For Windows C++, we created separate builds for VC140 and VC 141. It is currently on version 4.3.
  • Our SDK in C# / .NET we fixed a serialization bug and improved on our HardwareID generation Algorithm. This SDK is now at version 4.3.

Updated the Swift / Objective-C SDK:

Our development team has brought our offering up to speed for developers who work on the Mac platform. Now all of our software licensing models such as feature-li censing feature licensing, and maintenance plans are available on our Swift and Objective-C SDKs. Additionally, we have significantly improved the sample application that is provided with the SDK to make it easier for developers to implement our license manager in their applications.

New License Model Available: Consumption-Based Licensing

Some of our customers requested the ability to control how many times a routine or an application can run on a specific environment. With the new consumption license, the application developer can control the number of times a specific operation, routine, or event can run until the license is no longer valid. This can be useful for controlling processes that are resource intensive, such as rendering.

When issuing a new license, you need to specify the number of “consumptions” that are allowed with a key. Once the consumptions have been used, the key will no longer be valid.

Consumption License Type

In order to configure consumption licensing in your application, select “Consumption” as the license type, and specify the counter tied to the generated license.

This new License Model is available in all SDKs versions 4.3.0 and above.

That is all of the updates we have right now. We are currently working on many exciting new features, so please stay tuned as we roll them out! If you have any questions or would like to set up a trial account, please feel free to fill out our contact form, or email me directly: edmon@licensespring.com

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