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Kyle BrandonSystems Engineer - LicenseSpring Software
Kyle Brandon is a Systems Engineer at LicenseSpring Software, based out of Vancouver, Canada. With over two years experience, Kyle helps current and prospective customers with ensuring successful implementation of all LicenseSpring has to offer. Specializing in Computing Science, Kyle uses that experience to assist with troubleshooting user-reported bugs and provide helpful guides.
20 Minutes
Protecting Java Applications Using LicenseSpring

Discover LicenseSpring's comprehensive guide on protecting Java applications. Learn strategies and best practices for enhancing the security of your Java software.

25 Minutes
Open-Source Software Development: LicenseSpring’s Ultimate Guide

Discover key aspects of open-source software: licensing, monetization, compliance and popular projects, and see how it drives innovation and collaboration.

by Kyle Brandon
May 29, 2024
10 Minutes
Efficient Software Distribution: Maximizing Reach and Delivery

Explore software distribution: parties involved, optimizing delivery, copy protection, and security. Learn how to benefit developers and end-users.

by Kyle Brandon
July 20, 2023
10 Minutes
One-Time Password (OTP)

Boost security with One-Time Passwords (OTP) - phishing-resistant, multi-factor authentication for safer transactions. Discover OTP Service Providers.

by Kyle Brandon
July 17, 2023
10 Min
The Complete Guide to Computer ID

Discover a complete guide about computer IDs on LicenseSpring's blog. Understand how computer IDs are used in software licensing and tracking.

by Kyle Brandon
April 10, 2023
The Definitive Guide to Software Bill of Materials

Delve into LicenseSpring's comprehensive guide on Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). Learn its significance, benefits, and implementation in software development.

by Kyle Brandon
March 28, 2023
10 Min
Federated Identity Management [Complete Guide]

Delve into the world of Federated Identity Management (FIM) with LicenseSpring's detailed guide. Understand its benefits and implementation in modern software systems

by Kyle Brandon
March 22, 2023
15 Min
GraphQL vs REST: Which One to Choose When Building Your API

Explore the distinctions between GraphQL and REST API in LicenseSpring's informative blog glossary. Gain insights into their features and use cases.

by Kyle Brandon
February 22, 2023