Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

Published on: August 22, 2022
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You are probably on this page because you came across the acronym ISV. If you want to know what an ISV is, and how to distinguish it from other types of software providers, then you’ve come to the right place!


Definition of an Independent Software Vendor:

An Independent Software Vendor (ISV), as its name suggests, is a company or a person (Vendor) that develops and sells or licenses software toto customers or end users. The key point is that an Independent Software Vendor’s primary activity is to sell the software they develop, and is not usually involved in other activities, like selling hardware, reselling other software, or provide other services, such as a marketplace. If the software being sold is a “product”, then its maker is likely an ISV.


Synonyms to an ISV: “Vendor”; “Software Vendor” ; “Software Publisher” and “Independent Software Vendor” are often used interchangeably.


Example of an ISV:

Here an example of an Independent Software Vendor, who happens to be one of our customers: 

  • Company Name: Arkio ehf.
  • Website: Arkio Official Website
  • What do they do: They develop and sell interior design software applications that run on many different environments, including Virtual Reality, and Mobile phones.
  • Why they are an ISV: Arkio is an ISV because they do not stay away from developing and distributing their apps to end users.


What does not Constitute an ISV:

Vendors that provide Integrated Software (IS), or that fall under the category of an Original Equipment manufacturer (OEM) usually do not fall under the designation of an ISV.


We work with OEM, ISVs, Marketplaces etc. Basically anyone looking to license their software.

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